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The Top Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Ideas

Struggling with the marketing aspect of your business? Do not have enough budget to spare on your marketing? Let’s not panic. Even the big giant firms have once been in the same boat as you are. All you need is a bit of a creative push and voila! You’ll be back on track 

To help you in the conquest of the marketing world, we will list down the top, creative, and out-of-the-box marketing and advertisement ideas for your business that will have your profits skyrocketing in no time. Let’s start! 

Shamelessly use your handles! 

And no, we do not mean the love handles. But, if you are looking for a significant bump on your Instagram following, be bold, be shameless, do whatever it takes to get that number high! Be shameless in printing your social media handles on every brochure, PowerPoint presentation, business card, etc. 

Jump on the #hashtag bandwagon

There is no shortcut around building that significant social media following in millions. You have to be an active part of the online community. You have to put your face out there in all the weekly, even daily trends. So whether it is #throwbackthursday or #10years from now, your business needs to fit in! 

The Vines: No we do not mean getting drunk!

In case you are confusing “vines” with a spelling mistake, let us clarify that vines are short 6 second videos that grab instant user attention. All you need is an attractive video idea and great implementation to see its wonders! 

Invest in the visuals

If you crack the power of image sharing in the online world, you have cracked the code of making profits in no time. Shortlist your top visual assets and pin them everywhere online whether it is on a website, Pinterest, or social media pages. This helps boost traffic. 

Keep an eye out for the enemies! 

Have you heard the phrase “keep your friends close and enemies closer”? Of course, you have. And no we are not asking you to prepare for war. But keeping an eye out on what your competitors are up to is not a bad idea. Find out what is working for them and filter out things that you are not doing effectively as much as your competitors are. 

Take a walk outside 

Yes, the digital age has taken all the conventional forms of marketing to take a back seat. But, you won’t know until you do, right? Go out on the streets and post those flyers or posters on the walls or in restaurants. This works wonders for local companies or small-scale businesses. 

Smartly incorporate your surroundings

Try to think of some ideas where you can include your surroundings in your strategies. Get a mural designed with your company’s message, perhaps?.

Hop onto any unique sponsorships you come across

Pay a little attention and you will find some great marketing opportunities up for grabs right in your surroundings. Sign that sponsorship even if it seems odd! It may just be what you need. 

Come up with picture contests

Did you know that users love to submit in photo contests? They are not only fun but anyone can enter within seconds. You can sign sponsorships to provide incentives to all the entries or a mega prize to the winner! This is quite an under-utilized marketing tactic. 

Do not ignore the power of video contests

Even though not many people participate in video contests, but you will be able to fetch high-quality content as more effort is required from the participant. The submissions in such contests are gold for businesses, especially in the future. Do not let this opportunity go out of hand because it has long-term benefits.

The voting contests! 

No, we are not asking your users to vote in the presidential elections. But, you can think of some creative and fun voting contests to post on your social media pages. 

These not only grab user attention but help you collect important data to design your future marketing strategies. You’ll be surprised at the mini-study or research a voting contest can provide.  

“The Best Caption Wins” Contest

Post a video or an image and ask users to suggest captions and incentivize the best caption! You’ll get user engagement and so many caption ideas for your future posts. 

Hashtag everything!

Come up with your signature hashtag or use the one that is trending so that users can easily filter out your content on their feed. And hashtags are so much fun! 

Spread the word about your ongoing contests! 

If you have email subscribers, then you know that they love your service or business. Send out a bulk email to all your subscribers and keep them apprised of all ongoing contests on your pages. While you are at it, promote your new product launch as well. 

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